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Guizhou usher in transport development

In April this year, starting in Maotai Town, beyond the area of ??Chishui Chishui River Valley tourist highway was opened to traffic.

Good news came, nearly 160 km of roads along the Guizhou suddenly become the most "compelling" landscape, red culture, Danxia secluded waterfall, wine country history, shipping, customs, etc. With the extension of sweeping the road. Build this province, "the first in Guizhou, China-class, world-renowned" for the positioning of tourism roads, like the necklace string of pearls along quite endowments natural scenery and cultural landscape show to visitors at the same time, led "road, King, producing "positive interaction, integration and development, reflects the innovative breakthrough traffic supply side reforms. Future, this road will glow Valley tourism eco-road, industrial Road vitality.

This is reminiscent of "inscription" Libo successful because of "air-ground hand, within the excellent extra money," the three-dimensional traffic framework ushered tourists "blowout" growth, world-class tourist attractions to promote the development of a qualitative leap. "Channeling" the province's tourism due to the rapid warming, gradually break the shackles of economic ticket, opening a new era of global travel by "quick trip slow travel" Let Guanghui into rich people get a sense of "gold and silver mines."


Traffic "dawn", the benefits will not just travel. Local governments at all levels, cadres and masses of all walks of life because of the road and seek, but because of the way Hing, because the way and move. Guizhou walking on the earth, everywhere feel the vitality of big releases big traffic, big effect.

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