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Long life wpc flooring

Recently appeared on the market a new type of floor, to make up for the shortcomings of traditional materials, there have been reports that the floor is in accordance with the principle of elasticity, the upper and lower floors were added to the side of the rubber, because of climatic reasons the local board or the top strip below the expanded time by absorbing energy, reduce deformation of the edge of the floor warped, thereby improving the performance of laminate flooring. Due to a combination of strips between the floor, so the gap is very small, waterproof performance is better.

This floor synthetic resin material, the surface is coated with a layer of paste printing and superior abrasion resistant layer, the service life of 20 years. The floor has excellent abrasion resistance, stain resistance and slip resistance, flexible enough to make walking very comfortable feeling.

Suitable for families: the larger the room, the floor needs professional installation team, appeared to mimic the floor with tape on the market today, but did not reach the resilient floor technological requirements, consumers must be careful to buy.

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