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Floor care

Floor care



Maintaining water: after a good [url=]consumer review of wpc floor decking[/url] floor coverings should check in two weeks. People often do not live long or living room, the room should be placed in pots of water and keep the water, or use a humidifier to compensate for indoor heating and evaporation of open water; south of the rainy season should be enhanced ventilation; indoor environment should not be too dry, nor too wet to prevent wood floors dry, shrink or expand.

 Keep the floor clean and dry: Keep the floor clean and dry with a soft wet towel wrung wipe the floor, dry areas in the north, dry season with a damp cloth to wipe the floor, in the southern climate humid place, should not use a wet mop to clean the [url=]free standing plastic picket panels[/url] floor or directly washed with water.

 Indoor humidity is kept low: If the indoor humidity is greater than the outdoor humidity, doors and windows can be closed, to maintain low indoor humidity, the indoor humidity is less than if the outdoor humidity, doors and windows can be opened to reduce indoor humidity. Experiencing hot and humid weather, you can open the air-conditioning or fan. Autumn and winter to increase the indoor air humidity, use humidifier in the room air humidity is maintained at 50% - 70%.


 Holding beautiful parquet: In order to keep the beautiful parquet and extend the life of the paint business, every two months to play a wax, before waxing to clean the stain, then evenly spread a layer of [url=]building multiple layers deck[/url] floor wax on the surface, slightly wipe dry with a soft cloth until smooth and shiny.



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