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Video footage plus size maxi dress

Exactly where did all of them go? Video footage plus size maxi dress of female stuffing 3 tubs of baby method up her skirt leaves viewers bewildered about how the girl looks therefore slim

A footage of the svelte female stealing baby formula leaves viewers bewildered.

The video, plus size maxi dress shot inside a shop in Shenzhen, China, demonstrated the slim woman sliding tub after tub from the stuff up her dress.

But regardless of the size and weight from the tubs, the girl doesn't appear to have obtained any weight at all and was still walking normally.

Undetected: The girl stealthily creeps away from the shelf exactly where she things the baby method up her skirt

The girl follows the same program - squatting down to conceal the method up her skirt.

Extremely, the woman after that completes the long sleeve rompers program a third period before departing, without displaying any bulges or problems walking.

It, uploaded to Chinese social networking site Weibo, has left audiences flummoxed.

1 said: 'I really want to understand how she was able to do it? '

Another added: 'She's skilled! Can the girl use her talents consist of ways? '

One person left a comment: 'Life is really difficult for any mother. '

Ludwig Rhys
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