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PROVIDENCE, R. David Njoku Youth Jersey .I. -- Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling announced plans on Tuesday to run against Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate if his wife agrees, but he declined to apologize to Rhode Island taxpayers left on the hook for tens of millions of dollars when his video game company collapsed.Schilling spoke Tuesday with WPRO-AM, his first interview about 38 Studios since settling a lawsuit over it and since a criminal investigation resulted in no charges.Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo has said Rhode Island residents were hurt by the bad deal and deserve an apology.Schilling said its not that he wont apologize, but he wants Raimondo to tell him what he should apologize for. He asked listeners: What do you want me to apologize for?The company moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island in 2010 in exchange for a $75 million loan guarantee, then went bankrupt less than two years later.Schilling said his company failed because it didnt raise enough money, not because he did anything malicious or illegal, and that he has apologized to his former employees.I couldnt raise the final tranche of money and get the product to launch and that will never be anyones fault but mine, he said.But Schilling also faulted politicians for giving him a loan guarantee in the first place.If I was the governor, I would have never even offered this deal, Schilling said. The government doesnt belong in private business. But Im on the other side of this. My job and responsibility is to my company and to my employees and I was doing everything I could do, within my legal means, to make that be a success.Schilling took questions from callers in the wide-ranging, three-hour interview.He also said he had decided to run against Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, in 2018, but that he must clear it with his wife.Ive made my decision, Im going to run, he said. But I have to talk to Shonda, my wife, and ultimately its going to come down to how her and I feel this would affect our marriage and our kids.Schilling took issue with Warren opposing a November ballot question aimed at dramatically expanding the number of charter schools in Massachusetts. He said hes not scared to debate her, noting that the Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians when he was a player.Ive beaten the real ones before so Im not worried about that, the self-described conservative and Donald Trump supporter said, an apparent reference to Warrens claims of Native American heritage.Earlier this year Schilling was fired from his job as an ESPN baseball analyst after comments on Facebook critical of transgender rights. He now has an online radio show.A judge recently approved a settlement with Schilling and three other 38 Studios officials over the loan deal. The state of Rhode Island sued Schilling and other key players involved.Just one company remains as a defendant, First Southwest, which acted as the states financial adviser. Schilling said he expects to testify at the trial.Raimondo said on Tuesday that shes angry because Rhode Islanders were hurt by the 38 Studios deal. She said it wasnt right that tax dollars vanished on a terrible deal.---Associated Press writer Matt OBrien in Providence contributed to this report.Zane Gonzalez Jersey . The Redskins announced Monday that the quarterback who led the team to the Super Bowl championship in the 1987 season will serve as a personnel executive. Myles Garrett Browns Jersey .In my heart and mind Im competing for India, luge competitor Shiva Keshavan told The Associated Press in an email interview. Every day Im flooded with messages from Indians all over the world telling me they are supporting me.http:/// . As he recorded his 23rd and 24th points of the evening, a segment of the sellout Air Canada Centre crowd expressed their appreciation for the Raptors point guard with a smattering of MVP chants. ORLANDO -- John Brown came into the final day at Orlando Summer League having not played a minute. But that didnt stop the 24-year-old from making one of the biggest impressions of any player on the floor.A three-time All-Big South selection from High Point University playing for the Charlotte Hornets summer squad in Orlando, Brown was, like so many other young players at the Amway Center this week, trying to find a way to stick in the NBA.The problem for Brown? He wasnt allowed to let his play do much of the talking. So he let his mouth do the talking instead. The affable swingmans running commentary throughout games became a source of entertainment. Its not just that Brown seems to have fun breaking things down and supporting his teammates, its the delivery of his often funny messages that leaves both teammates and onlookers laughing in his wake. Browns distinctive voice -- in the mold of a Flavor Flav type of hype-man who comes out to rev up crowds before a concert -- became one of the most memorable parts of the week.Ive been trying to tell my family about it, Hornets big man Mike Tobey said. Its just like when you hear him ... I dont know. Its something about -- you just automatically smile. I dont know how to explain it.Happiness seems to be a common theme from people who have crossed Browns path. In Mondays win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Brown had those around him cracking up with his special variety of comments. After a questionable block/charge call went against the Hornets, Brown couldnt help himself. Is that your nephew? he asked the official. When the Thunder threw down a one-handed alley-oop, Brown was not impressed. Who cares? he huffed. Browns dedication to his team, and his communication craft, is impressive.Its also constant.Oh, I hear him, Hornets Summer League coach Patrick Ewing said. Ive been hearing him since when he came for a draft workout. He does not stop. He does not stop. Hes always telling me hes ready whenever I give him an opportunity, so I hear him.But the beauty of Browns dedication, and at the heart of his quirkiness, is a team-first attitude that is respected by coaches and teammates alike.This is me, he said. This is me, regardless if Im playing or not. You can ask the previous coaches at High Point the same way. Once my time comes it will be the same and I know theyll do the same thing for me.High Point coach Scott Cherry affirmed Browns message. Cherry said Brown has always been talkative, but he also noted that Brown was a basketball force during his time in school. After taking a redshirt season in 2011-12, Brown didnt leave the floor much during his four years playing for the Panthers. He averaged 19.6 points and 7.1 rebounds per game as a senior.He wasnt [talking] like that during games with us because he was competing and he was a very high [level] competitor, Cherry said. He was ultra competitive. He wanted to win every drill, everything that he did. In games, he became almost a little bit different, [like] Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Not that he didnt talk during games but he just went out and handled his business. He was out there to accomplish a task and he went out there -- he smiled every now and then during games -- but he was way more business-like when he was playing.Had Brown not broken his foot on Senior Night in February against Winthrop, his own circumstances might be a little different today. Because of the rehab required, the 6-foot-8, 210-pounder was only able to work out for a handful of teams and he was trying to find his rhythm coming back from the injury.He still managed to make an impression. Hornets personnel laugh about Browns pre-draft workout in Charlotte. After an airball or a mistake, Brown would drop to the floor and do pushups as penance.At first I was like, whats going on? said Tobey, who was at the workout. But then, like, as I got to know him more throughout this -- I love it. Hes doing pushups in timeouts and all this kind of stuff. Thats just him and you got to love him for it.As the first half in Mondays game was ending, Brown alternated between pumping up his teammates and yelling for more execution. After a particularly good play went the Hornets way, he mixed in a celebratory dance straight out of the Michael Jackson playbook.It just eases the tension, Brown said. I bet it gives the guys confidence knowing that someones cheering them on constantly. Im trying to talk as much as I can.Having watcched Brown grow during his time at High Point, Cherry understands the challenge his former star is currently facing. Zane Gonzalez Browns Jersey. He knows how badly Brown wants to play, but he is confident that his communication skills will aid his development.It was hard for him at first, the first couple years, to be able to communicate properly with his teammates because he expected everybody to play at his level and be to his ability, Cherry said. I had to sit him down and explain to him that not everybody that is on his team is going to be at the level he is at every single day. He competes and plays at a whole nother level. His motor is non-stop and hes a very unique individual as far as his competitiveness, and I wish he could get out on the floor and you could see. Every possession he plays like its his last.And if hes not playing, hes still trying to help his teammates.I remember someone was at the foul line -- he was trying to distract him, Tobey said. [Browns] like, His shirts not tucked in! Its not regulation! Some of the things he says, its just like so funny. If I was shooting a free throw it would have messed me up. So Im happy hes on my team.Brown takes all of the praise from teammates and coaches in stride. But he wants to be known as a player, not as some kind of running side show on the bench.How does he stay so positive despite spending most of the week on the sideline?I dont think about it, Brown said in a whisper. I dont think about it [or] pout [saying], Coach put me in. I could be able to do it. Once my name gets called, all I know is I better be ready.Friday morning, in a half-empty gym in the Hornets last game of the week, Brown finally got his chance. He struggled to find his groove, going 1-for-6 from the field, pulling down two rebounds and turning the ball over twice in 12 minutes of play. After waiting so long for his chance, Brown clearly was disappointed with his performance.Like a woman giving birth to a child and telling it to walk to the store, Brown said when asked what it was like when Ewing finally called his name.His teammates, however, were there with encouraging words.Wheres JB at? Hornets Summer Leaguer Goodluck Okonoboh said as Charlotte came to the bench in the fourth quarter. Good hustle, bro.The unity Brown helped form on the bench throughout the week was something Ewing appreciated. After pointing out how much he enjoyed the positive attitude from his team, Ewing specifically called out Brown for his unique contributions.I thanked him for his effort, his energy, his effort in practice and his enthusiasm on the bench, Ewing said. Keeping the guys, either theyre not playing or when they come out of the game, making sure they stay in the game. I love that about him.When he got his opportunity to play, he played hard, played with a lot of energy, played with a lot of effort. Which is something that he needs to do.Brown might not recognize it, but he had a significant impact on his team despite a lack of box score results.He brings unbelievable energy every day, Tobey said. Literally thats how he is all the time. Its amazing. Ive never met anyone that has actually been so genuine as well. The energy he brings is phenomenal. Everyone loves him.Like so many other young players, Brown walked out of the Amway Center on Friday uncertain about his future. His dream is to make an NBA team, but if thats not in the cards right now, hell likely head to Europe.Hes raw, Ewing said. He needs to become a better shooter. Hes not a good enough shooter right now. His effort is there, the intensity is there, but all you can tell him to do is just keep working on his game. You cant say its time to give up because it never really is as long as you believe and you put in the work to get better at your craft, then anything is possible.Thats the belief that Brown is holding onto as he awaits the next step in his basketball life. No matter where he lands, Browns positive outlook should be welcome, just as it was this week in Orlando.?No matter what situation youre in, you cant let that change your attitude, Brown said. Hey, I didnt get in (the games) as much as I wanted to, but I had a good time, cheered the guys on. Guys respect me, they talk to me, told me thank you.No matter what, just keep your attitude the same way. Its easy to be negative. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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