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zongyi Oct 19 '16

Once, because we tired of the complex, and will simply play to the extreme, so a few years ago home decoration, take the modern simple line, home life in our repeated simplicity has become no mood, there is no Precipitation and accumulation of rings.internal cladding ecology wood

Later, we gradually found that simple stand the test of time, it faded after the glory, revealing a pale background. In our hearts, let us moved to arouse our feelings of past life, is still the share of our careless left behind the classical and subtle. So, we began to return, re-advocate retro: from love, mood, dress, until the home decoration a few weeks, home version of the continuous introduction of antique tiles, retro bathroom, rustic style design and other aspects The latest trends, today, we have to introduce the retro trend of solid wood flooring.which flooring material is waterproof

Retro floor natural simplicity with a rural style is very harmonious Retro in the home industry is a hot topic in recent times, Continental, American, Chinese, each style design are inseparable from the "retro" this popular element. In this retro trend, the limelight when the number of tiles and flooring, and now the most popular country-style design, the most used is antique tiles and retro floor. Retro flooring Puzhuo permeated with a long remoteness of the environmental space, decoration, choose it pave the ground, with some rustic-style interior design and retro furniture, feeling very harmonious and natural.Exterior Panels Wall Low Maintenance Indonesia

chenyingying Nov 14 '17