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windy Jan 12
After finally providing some quality of life fixes to the Specter builds in Path Of Exile, Grinding Gear Games is yet again listening to the voices of the community. The latest patch is set to simultaneously go live for the both the PC and Xbox One platforms for Path Of Exile, changes the way on how the Desecrate skill gem works. That sees this skill gem add the corpses of your currently summoned Specters to the Desecrate corpse pool.poe currency orbs Thus, allowing you to summon more powerful versions of certain monsters. Aside from this big quality of life improvement for Desecrate, below you can find the remaining fixes to the recently released patch: PC PATCH NOTES Desecrate now chooses corpses from the monsters in the current area and any Spectres that existed in the instance. Fixed an issue where The ‘All Ears’ and ‘No Stone Unturned’ achievements could not be completed. Fixed some incorrect NPC dialogue options in non-English clients. Fixed an issue where crafting bench options were not translated in Russian clients. Fixed a bug where increased flask recovery rate affected utility flasks, making them have shorter durations for no benefit. Fixed a bug where the Shock applied by Vessel of Vinktar was not prevented correctly in some cases.

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