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sintered bush manufacturer,PM bronze bushing,power tools bushing manufacturing multi-channel processing processes Oil-free sliding bearing manufacturing popular through forging, heat treatment, turning, grinding and assembly processes such as multi-channel processing. The processing of the rationality, advanced, stability will also affect the bearing life. Affect the bearing quality of thermal processing and grinding process, often with the bearing failure has a more direct relationship. In recent years, the deformation of the bearing surface of the study shows that the grinding process and the bearing surface quality are closely related. Filled and Modified Fluoroplastic Series The performance of the late fault features to a serious failure (usually bearing damage such as axle, burns, sand scatter, roller, beads, wear and tear) time is not more than a week, the greater the capacity, the faster , The shorter the interval. Therefore, in the actual bearing fault diagnosis, if the late fault features, should determine the existence of complex bearing fault, as soon as possible arrangements for maintenance. After a period of movement, vibration and noise to maintain a certain level, the spectrum is very simple, only one or two times. Rarely more than three times the frequency spectrum, the composite bearing state is very stable, into a stable working period. After running into the use of late, bearing vibration and noise began to increase, and sometimes abnormal sound, but the increase in vibration changes more slowly, this time, the bearing kurtosis value began to suddenly reach a certain value. We believe that, at this time the performance of sintered bronze bushing,bronze bearing,flanged brass bush that is the initial failure.