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Wangyang1314 Jan 8
IWood plastic composite board is a mainly composed of wood (wood cellulose, cellulose) as base materials and thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing additives, high-tech green decorative material mixed evenly and then die extrusion molding and made of heating equipment, performance and characteristics of both wood and plastic, can a new composite material instead of wood and plastic. The composition of the wood plastic board is a popular explanation of wood and plastic. Therefore, we can find that the wood plastic plate is compared with the solid wood board, and the wood plastic board can overcome the defects of the real wood.swimming pool with wood plastic decking The advantages of wood plastic board: 1, the loss of wood plastic plate is the lowest. Wood plastic is a kind of profile, with a lot of hollow specifications. A lot of materials have been saved. The wood plastic is hollow, and some of it is saved. It is known that hollow can not only reduce the weight, but also increase the strength. Do the wood hollow,wood plastic decking from brunei to sabah and wood is not possible. 2. The surface of wood plastic is not required to be treated with paint. General wood is required to do surface paint or water-based coating treatment. That is to say, in the construction of wood plastic is convenient, cheap wood in 1 years in general need to do maintenance or paint paint and so on. In the long run, the maintenance cost is lower the wood wood products. The shortcomings of the wood plastic board: 1. the material is brittle, toughness is not enough, and impact custom outdoor wood plastic deck resistance is not strong. This is determined by its internal structure and production process. In response to this feature, remind you that in the process of use, please avoid the impact or collision of the heavy objects. In the storage, transportation, and installation of the material, please pay attention to the proper treatment to prevent it from falling from the height. In addition, there are many bad businesses, which use wood flour and plastic to produce wood plastic, because the naked eye can not be seen or detected, resulting in the deformation of wood plastic in a few years. Modern household materials are updated quickly, and it is normal for you to have some doubts about the new products. This paper briefly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of wood plastic panels, so we can see that wood plastic boards are nontoxic in itself, so we can be reassured about "wood plastic boards toxic."2018 Best decking