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jordan May 21 '17
Cheap Jordans 2017, Nike PG 1 finally released in 2017, the first pair of George's signature shoes are also officially he and designer Tony Hardman co-designed, Flywire and Zoom Air such technology are reflected in this shoe. Nike Zoom Crusader has been George's favorite shoes, and designer Tony Hardman Crusader is the surgeon, so you can see the Nike PG 1 Nike Zoom Crusader shadow. At the beginning of the design PG 1, Paul George will show designer Tony Hardman his hand-painted footwear sketch, and this before the hand of the Velcro is derived from George himself. George has been a soft spot for casual shoes Nike SB Janoski, in the PG 1 design, we can see some, such as material, and modeling similarities. A little understanding of George people know that he is very fond of fishing, often in the social media and their friends and friends fishing photos, and Nike PG 1 also incorporates a lot of fishing-related elements such as the soles of the fish marks the lines, This design will help to better improve the grasping effect.
New Jordans 2016, On the left foot, we can see 5-1-15 three numbers, is to commemorate his daughter Olivia's first birthday, while the right foot of the 5-2-90 represents his own birthday. We can also see a silver line on the right foot heel ring, the details of the right leg fracture after the implantation of a titanium alloy nails. We can also see a silver line on the right foot heel ring, the details of the right leg fracture after the implantation of a titanium alloy nails. Simple to see, Logo is composed of P and G, is the acronym of George's name, the overall shape is like a bow tie, we all know that George's time to attend the event often lead the knot, which also reflects his life of a Attitude, a taste. As George's first double signature boots, in the design and selection are particularly intentions, different colors using different materials, fish scales cortex, suede material, Tony Hardman and George want PG1 each different color has Belong to their own unique tone. On behalf of his new life after all start again, from 24 to 13, this is a new beginning, a legendary start. Shoe box to the shoe cover has a cohesive pattern, like the structure of the cloud, there is a feeling of cloud walking.
Jordans 2017, Paul George's signature shoe rumors never cut off from mid-16 years, there are rumors that Nike will launch a personal signature shoes for Paul George, which also proved that this pair of shoes as early as a year ago, George's signature shoes project Ready for. You can say that this pair of shoes late, yes, that serious injury we already do not want to mention, perhaps it is the injury so that his signature shoe plan stranded, but Paul George return to a more Strong yourself, as well as today officially released this pair of more powerful Nike PG 1. In the history of Nike 44 years, all have their own signature shoes players are one hundred miles to pick one, which is a portrayal of the brand. Want to have their own signature shoes in Nike is definitely not an easy thing, refer to Nike other spokesmen to know, this standard is very high. But Paul George, regardless of personal performance or the inherent spirit of the strong, and Nike coincide, so he has become the fourth basketball player has a signature shoe active athletes, but also the history of the first 21 Nike shoes won the basketball athlete.